Switzerland's Scenic Train Journeys:
Majestic Rides on Premium Panoramic Trains

Explore the splendor of the Swiss landscape aboard the Switzerland scenic train, widely celebrated as the most scenic train ride in Switzerland. Our Premium Panoramic Train offers a unique journey through breathtaking vistas, epitomizing the essence of Swiss panoramic train experiences. Each route is meticulously designed to showcase the unparalleled beauty and luxury of traveling through Switzerland’s stunning scenery.

Equipped with top-tier amenities and offering impeccable service, these trains truly redefine the essence of travel. Moreover, with the added convenience of the Swiss Travel Pass, every journey becomes a cherished memory (all journeys are fully covered by the Swiss Travel Pass.)

Experience the Swiss Alps’ grandeur as the Glacier Express weaves through its most breathtaking landscapes, connecting Zermatt and St. Moritz.

From glaciers to palm trees, the Bernina Express offers a unique journey, showcasing Switzerland’s diverse natural beauty from Chur to Tirano.

Travel from the Mediterranean ambiance of Ticino to the heart of Switzerland in Lucerne, all while soaking in the historic Gotthard route’s splendor.

Travel seamlessly from Montreux to Interlaken with the GoldenPass Express, connecting the Vaud Riviera to the Bernese Alps in just three hours.

Journey between two iconic Swiss destinations, Lucerne and Interlaken, while being captivated by the serene lakes and majestic mountains en route.

Whether in modern panoramic carriages or vintage Belle Epoque style, the GoldenPass Lines offer a nostalgic ride through Switzerland’s timeless landscapes.

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