Experience the Glacier Express with Swiss Travel Pass: A Unique Swiss Journey

Unlike any other, the Glacier Express Train, often dubbed the ‘slowest express train in the world‘, weaves a path of awe-inspiring beauty through Switzerland’s majestic landscapes. But what truly sets the Glacier Express journey apart from other scenic train rides? It’s not merely about reaching a destination; it’s the enchanting journey itself.

On this premium panoramic train, you’ll not only see Switzerland’s stunning vistas but also learn about the alpine tales and mysteries along the way. Ready to discover what awaits you on this route? Let’s find out.

Is Your Swiss Travel Pass Valid on This Panoramic Train?

Yes, your Swiss Travel Pass covers the entire route from Zermatt to St. Moritz and vice versa. While the fare is included, a seat reservation, which comes at an extra fee, is mandatory.

Key Travel Information:

  • Enjoy 50% off with the Half-Fare travel card or Swiss Half-Fare Card.
  • Valid travel options include the GA travel card, Swiss Travel Pass, and day passes, as well as Eurail and Interrail passes effective from January 1, 2017.
  • Children under 6 travel at no cost.
  • A 50% discount applies to travelers aged 6 to 16.
  • The Junior Card allows for complimentary travel for children under 16 when accompanied by a parent.
  • An additional fee is required for the Glacier Express experience.
First-class seats in a coach with panoramic windows and elegant decoration.
Experience luxury and comfort in the first-class coach of the Glacier Express, adorned with panoramic windows and exquisite decor.
Glacier Express train on the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland departing Zermatt with the iconic Matterhorn mountain in the background.
The Glacier Express embarks on its journey from Zermatt, with the majestic Matterhorn standing tall in the backdrop.

Seat Reservation on the Glacier Express Train

Seat Reservation: Seat reservations are mandatory for everyone, including Swiss Travel Pass holders.

Important Note: Even though the Swiss Travel Pass fully covers the Glacier Express, seat reservations are still required for all passengers. Secure your seat now on the official site. For departure and arrival times, view the Glacier Express Timetable.

Glacier Express Seat Reservation Price: Make the Most of Your Alpine Journey

Discover our tailored rates for every traveler:

  • Low Season Rates (December – Mid May)

    • Long Journeys: CHF 39
    • Short Journeys: CHF 29
    • Excellence Class: CHF 420
  • High Season Rates (Mid May – October)

    • Long Journeys: CHF 49
    • Short Journeys: CHF 39
    • Excellence Class: CHF 420

Upgrade Your Experience: From 2nd Class to 1st Class

For those seeking an enhanced journey aboard the Glacier Express, the option to upgrade from 2nd class to 1st class is available for Swiss Travel Pass holders, ensuring a more spacious and comfortable travel experience. Passengers with a 2nd class Swiss Travel Pass can easily reserve a 1st class seat and settle the difference in ticket price at any station, at their convenience. This flexibility allows you to tailor your travel experience to your preferences, even at the last minute.

Glacier Express Train Ticket Prices

Route 2nd Class 1st Class
St. Moritz-Zermatt CHF 159 CHF 272
St. Moritz-Brig CHF 119 CHF 204
St. Moritz-Andermatt CHF 88 CHF 150.40
Brig-Chur CHF 84 CHF 144
Davos-Zermatt CHF 152 CHF 260
Chur-Zermatt CHF 124 CHF 212
Andermatt-Zermatt CHF 77 CHF 131

Maximize your Swiss journey with a Swiss Travel Pass, your gateway to the Glacier Express and beyond. Offering flexibility and a wealth of travel options across Switzerland, the pass allows for easy upgrades and access to an extensive travel network. Secure your pass now for a seamless and enriched Swiss experience.

Culinary Delights on Your Journey

Worried about going hungry during your trip? Rest assured, the train offers a comprehensive on-board dining service to keep your taste buds satisfied.

Menu Options:

  • Plate of the Day: CHF 34
  • 2-Course Menu: CHF 40
  • 3-Course Menu: CHF 47
  • 4-Course Menu: CHF 52

Wine Selection: The train features a curated selection of wines from the cantons of Graubünden and Valais, designed to perfectly complement your meal.

Advance Reservations: Given the high demand and limited seating, it’s advisable for individual travelers to reserve their meals in advance. This ensures a seamless dining experience as you traverse the stunning Swiss landscapes.

How to Reserve: For added convenience, you can pair your lunch reservation with your seat booking via our online webshop. If you prefer more flexibility, there’s also the option to order à la carte while on board.

Freshly Prepared Meals: All meals are freshly prepared on the train and served directly to your seat, adding an extra layer of luxury to your journey through the Swiss Alps.

Staff serving food to passengers aboard the Glacier Express.
Passengers enjoy the convenience of pre-ordered meals or the option to order on board, ensuring a delightful culinary experience throughout the journey.
8:50am Glacier Express train at Zermatt HB station, ready for departure.
The Glacier Express, stationed at Zermatt HB at 8:50am, prepares to embark on its scenic journey to St. Moritz, with an expected arrival at 4:37pm.

Experience Ultimate Luxury in the Glacier Express Excellence Class

The Glacier Express Excellence Class elevates your rail journey to the next level. This experience is all about indulging in Swiss luxury at its finest, making every moment unforgettable.

From the moment you board, the Excellence Class delivers an extraordinary experience. Each passenger enjoys a comfortable and spacious window seat, which ensures panoramic views of the Swiss Alps. Matching the spectacular landscape, the interior features luxurious appointments and ample room to relax.

Couple enjoying culinary delights and scenic views in the Glacier Express Excellence Class.
Experience the epitome of luxury and romance as you savor exquisite cuisine and breathtaking vistas, all in the comfort of the Glacier Express Excellence Class.

Onboard, the staff serve you a delicious multi-course meal. They craft this meal meticulously from local Swiss ingredients and pair it with a fine selection of wines from the regions you traverse.

Moreover, Glacier Express Train Excellence Class offers personalized concierge service throughout your journey. Whether you need travel advice, assistance with reservations, or have any other request, the dedicated concierge team provides seamless service.

In summary, from the luxurious seating to the gourmet dining and exceptional service, the Glacier Express Excellence Class offers a Swiss rail experience that is truly second to none. Prepare for a journey where every detail is crafted to perfection.

Reach Out for More Information on this Panoramic Train

Should you require further details or if you have queries that haven’t been addressed here, don’t hesitate to connect with the Glacier Express directly. Their dedicated team is readily available to assist and enrich your travel experience:

Phone: +41 (0)81 288 65 65

As you plan your journey on the Glacier Express, why not consider enhancing your Swiss Alps experience with a mountain excursion? From breathtaking cable car rides to scenic hiking trails, our Mountain Excursions offer something for everyone. Discover more ways to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Switzerland.


Q: How to Upgrade Your Ticket?

A: You can upgrade to a 1st class seat online. Just select the Swiss Travel Pass under 'Reductions' during the booking process.

Q: When should I make my reservation for the Glacier Express?

A: To secure your seat on the magnificent Glacier Express, it's best to book at least 93 days in advance for both 1st and 2nd class. For those seeking the lavish Excellence Class experience, bookings can be made online for any date within the entire timetable period.

Q: Does Glacier Express have stops?

A: Yes, the Glacier Express does make stops along its route. However, it's important to note that these stops are not for sightseeing purposes but for passenger pick-up and drop-off. The Glacier Express is primarily designed to be a scenic journey from start to finish (from Zermatt to St. Moritz or vice versa), rather than a hop-on, hop-off service. The train passes through several towns and cities, including Brig, Andermatt, Chur, and Davos, among others. Passengers are allowed to disembark at these stations if their travel plans require it.
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