Discovering the Full GoldenPass Lines Experience: A Tapestry of Swiss Scenery To and From Montreux

While the GoldenPass Express stands out for its unique features, the complete GoldenPass Lines offer an expansive and unparalleled experience through Switzerland’s diverse landscapes, including the captivating region of Montreux. The route unfolds in three magnificent sections:

Luzern - Interlaken Express (GoldenPass Lines: Lucerne to Interlaken Ost and vice versa)

Lucerne and Interlaken, two of Switzerland’s tourism gems, are seamlessly connected by the Luzern–Interlaken Express. During this two-hour journey, passengers are captivated by the shimmering beauty of Lake Brienz, its tranquil waters reflecting the grandeur of the surrounding Alpine peaks. As the train approaches Meiringen, the landscape unfolds with verdant valleys and cascading waterfalls, offering a picturesque prelude to the Jungfrau region. While the Swiss Travel Pass allows passengers to enjoy this scenic route, reserving a seat is an option for added convenience, though not mandatory. For the most enchanting views of Lake Brienz and Meiringen, opt for a seat on the train’s right side.

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Luzern-Interlaken Express train traveling alongside the serene Lake Brienz.
The Luzern-Interlaken Express offers unparalleled views of the pristine Lake Brienz.
A group of friends enjoys a memorable moment by the window on the Luzern-Interlaken Express, a highlight of the Switzerland scenic train routes, made accessible with a Swiss Rail Pass. Passengers traveling through Switzerland on their own engage in lively conversations on the train.
Discover Switzerland's stunning landscapes via its premier train network, featuring the Luzern-Interlaken Express as a key part of the Switzerland scenic train experience, all possible with a Swiss Rail Pass.

GoldenPass Panoramic (GoldenPass Lines: Zweisimmen to Montreux and vice versa)

Embarking from Zweisimmen and journeying to Montreux, the GoldenPass Panoramic Train offers a seamless blend of German-speaking and French-speaking Swiss cultures. As the train traverses the picturesque landscape, passengers are treated to views of grazing cows, traditional wooden chalets, and towering Alpine peaks. The highlight of the journey is the breathtaking panorama of Lake Geneva, experienced just before reaching Montreux. This descent introduces travelers to the Mediterranean ambiance of the Lake Geneva region. Both the GoldenPass Panoramic and the GoldenPass Belle Epoque are proud segments of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.

GoldenPass Panoramic Train, a Premium Panoramic Train, journeying through a snow-covered Swiss village.
Winter wonder: The GoldenPass Panoramic train glides through a picturesque Swiss village.
A family bonding on the GoldenPass Panoramic train, children holding the Swiss Family Card.
Family time on the GoldenPass Panoramic: Embracing the journey and the perks of the Swiss Family Card.

GoldenPass Belle Epoque (GoldenPass Lines: Montreux to Zweisimmen and vice versa)

Step back in time with the GoldenPass Belle Epoque, a train that exudes the elegance of the 1930s while offering modern comforts. Its Belle Époque carriages, reminiscent of the Orient Express, ensure a luxurious journey between Montreux and Zweisimmen. Perfect for special occasions like weddings and birthdays, this train promises both comfort and scenic beauty. Whether it’s the snow-capped landscapes of February or the lush greenery of summer, the views are consistently captivating. Though attractions like the House of Mirrors by Doug Aitken have moved on, the journey itself remains an unforgettable experience.

A family with adults and children seated comfortably in a GoldenPass Belle Epoque coach, en route to Montreux.
Timeless elegance meets family joy: Experiencing the GoldenPass Belle Epoque together.
GoldenPass Belle Epoque train traversing a quaint winter village near Montreux.
A winter tale: The GoldenPass Belle Epoque journeying through a snow-kissed Swiss village.

Montreux: Your Gateway to World Events and Diverse Day Tours

Montreux is a destination in its own right, situated in the picturesque Vaud region along the shores of Lake Geneva. This charming town is a hub for exploring the Lake Geneva region, whether you’re attending the iconic Montreux Jazz Festival, enjoying the Christmas Market, or planning a day tour around Montreux itself. The area offers a plethora of experiences for every type of traveler. Want to discover more about Montreux and its surrounds? Don’t miss our Switzerland itinerary giveaway, which features a day tour around Montreux as part of an in-depth guide to travel in Vaud. Click here to find out more.

Statue of Freddie Mercury with microphone, located on the Montreux promenade overlooking Lake Geneva.
Pay tribute to the legendary Freddie Mercury with a visit to his iconic statue on Montreux's scenic promenade, a testament to the singer's love for this Swiss town.
Panoramic view of Rivaz village situated on the steep slopes of Lavaux overlooking Lake Geneva and surrounded by vineyards.
Discover Rivaz, Switzerland's smallest municipality near Montreux, perched on the Lavaux slopes. Enjoy the stunning views of Lake Geneva and explore over 300 varieties of wine at Lavaux Vinorama.

How to Reserve a Seat on the GoldenPass Lines with a Swiss Travel Pass

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Q: Is there food service available on the GoldenPass Line?

A: Yes, passengers can enjoy a variety of dining options on the GoldenPass Line trains, ranging from snacks to full meals.

Q: Can I stop at towns along the GoldenPass Line and continue my journey later?

A: Yes, you can disembark at any town along the route and catch a later train to continue your journey.

Q: What is the difference between 1st Class and 2nd Class on the GoldenPass Line?

A: 1st Class offers larger, more spacious seats and fewer passengers per carriage, while 2nd Class provides standard seating with more passengers per carriage. The train passes through several towns and cities, including Brig, Andermatt, Chur, and Davos, among others. Passengers are allowed to disembark at these stations if their travel plans require it.
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