Experience the Gotthard Panorama Express with Swiss Travel Pass: A Unique Swiss Journey

Discover Switzerland’s essence aboard the Gotthard Panorama Express with the Swiss Travel Pass. It’s a journey through scenic landscapes and rich heritage.

The Gotthard Panorama Express offers a unique Swiss experience, blending nature and history. From Ticino’s Mediterranean feel to Lucerne’s iconic landmarks, it’s a captivating ride. Every traveler is promised a memorable Swiss adventure.

Ticket staff on the Gotthard Panorama Express, a renowned Switzerland panoramic train, conversing with passengers.
Dedicated staff ensuring a memorable journey aboard the Gotthard Panorama Express, part of Switzerland's panoramic train network.
Two passengers leaning out of an open window, enjoying the summer breeze on the Gotthard Panorama Express Train.
Embracing the summer vibes: Passengers soaking in the scenic beauty and fresh air.

Gotthard Panorama Express: A Historic Odyssey

Embark on a transformative journey with the Gotthard Panorama Express, where travel becomes an adventure. Spanning 182 km in approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes, this route offers a personal voyage by boat and train between Central Switzerland and Ticino.

From South to North and Vice Versa

  • Starting Point: The journey can begin in Lugano or Bellinzona, immersing travelers in the Mediterranean ambiance of the south.
  • End Point: Conclude in Lucerne, the heart of Switzerland, or opt for the reverse journey.
  • Historic Tunnel: Traverse the heart of Switzerland via the 1882 Gotthard tunnel, ascending over the Alps. The Wassen church, visible from three angles due to the railway’s ingenious design, stands as a testament to engineering marvels.
  • Lake Lucerne: Transition onto a steamboat or modern motor vessel at Flüelen, sailing across Lake Lucerne. Historical landmarks like Rütliwiese, Schillerstein, and Tell Chapel accentuate the journey.
A couple enjoying a meal and each other's company on a steamboat during the Gotthard Panorama Express journey.
Moments of togetherness: A couple cherishes the serene ambiance and delightful cuisine aboard the steamboat.
A steamboat cruising on Lake Luzern as part of the Gotthard Panorama Express journey.
Navigating the tranquil waters of Lake Luzern: An integral leg of the Gotthard Panorama Express experience.

Travel Details/Swiss Travel Pass

  • Swiss Travel Pass: The entire journey is fully covered by the Swiss Travel Pass.
  • The train offers an exclusive first-class experience. Those with a 2nd class pass must upgrade upon boarding.
  • Booking: Don’t miss out on this unparalleled Swiss journey. Secure your spot on the Gotthard Panorama Express. Book your Swiss Travel Pass now and embark on a trip of a lifetime!

Additional Information

  • Food & Beverage: On the boat, enjoy delicious meals, snacks, and beverages. The train offers snacks and beverages with seat service. Souvenirs are available on both.
  • Timetable: The train operates from 15 April to 22 October 2023, from Tuesday to Sunday, including national holidays.
  • Reservation: A CHF 16 surcharge applies on the train between Flüelen and Lugano. Those with a 2nd class ticket also need a class upgrade.

FAQs about Gotthard Panorama Express

Q: Which side of the Gotthard Panorama Express offers the best views?

The views are slightly more impressive from the right side of the train.

Q: When is the best time to experience the Gotthard Panorama Express for optimal climate diversity?

A: Traveling from April to early June offers the most diverse climate experience between Lucerne and Lugano.

Q: Is there a luggage service available on the Gotthard Panorama Express?

A: Yes, there are luggage storage areas on the train. For an additional fee, some stations also offer a service where your luggage can be sent ahead to your destination.
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