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Interlaken Switzerland: A Rainy Day Adventure from Hotels in Interlaken to Brienz Rothorn Bahn

Welcome to Interlaken, Switzerland, your gateway to adventure! From cozy hotels in Interlaken to cruising on Lake Brienz and ascending the Brienz Rothorn Bahn, this article guides you through the best experiences Interlaken has to offer. Let’s dive in!
By Pichayanee K.

A guy riding a bicycle in Interlaken, enjoying the pleasant early summer weather.
A simple and easy day in Interlaken is captured as a guy rides his bicycle, taking advantage of the favorable Interlaken weather.
A train at Brienz Rothorn Bahn waiting for passengers, set against a backdrop of clear skies, highlighting the favorable Interlaken weather.
The train at Brienz Rothorn Bahn stands ready for its descent, offering passengers a scenic journey under the clear skies, a testament to the pleasant Interlaken weather.

Discovering Interlaken Switzerland: Your Gateway to Adventure

My second day in Switzerland began in the picturesque town of Interlaken, Switzerland. After checking into the Carlton-Europe Vintage Adults Hotel, one of the many cozy accommodations available, I was eager to explore the surrounding beauty.

Choosing Hotels in Interlaken: A Guide to Accommodations

Before embarking on my cruise, I checked the schedule, which is something I highly recommend for all travelers. The Interlaken cruise port is conveniently located right behind the Interlaken Ost train station. Staying at one of the hotels in Interlaken like the Carlton-Europe Vintage Adults Hotel can offer you easy access to such adventures.

Comfortable lobby of the Carlton Europe Hotel, one of the notable hotels in Interlaken.
The welcoming lobby of the Carlton-Europe Vintage Adults Hotel offers a cozy atmosphere, making it one of the popular hotels in Interlaken.
Carlton-Europe Vintage Adults Hotel exterior on a bright summer day, a great choice among hotels in Interlaken.
The Carlton Europe Hotel stands out on a sunny day, adding to its reputation as one of the go-to hotels in Interlaken.

Setting Sail on Lake Brienz: A Cruise Experience to Remember

With my 1st class Swiss Travel Pass, I boarded a cruise to sail along Lake Brienz. I sat on the upper deck, enjoying brunch and a glass of wine. Those with a 2nd class pass were on the lower deck. Just as we were leaving the dock, the Interlaken weather turned stormy. But the storm couldn’t dampen my spirits; I was too excited about the journey ahead.

For those planning their own Lake Brienz cruise adventure, it’s essential to check the official timetable to make the most of your trip. You can find the schedule on the official BLS Schiff Lake Brienz Timetable website.

Sipping wine on the upper deck of a Lake Brienz cruise during a rain shower, overlooking Iseltwald village.
Enjoying a serene moment with a glass of wine on the upper deck, as rain showers add a mystical touch to the view of Iseltwald village on Lake Brienz.
View from the boat of various villages along the shores of Lake Brienz.
A picturesque view from the boat, capturing the charming villages that line the shores of Lake Brienz.

The Brienz Rothorn Bahn Journey: From Rain to Sunshine

I hopped on the Brienz Rothorn Bahn train, and the rain was still coming down in sheets. But as we ascended, the clouds began to part. By the time we were halfway up, the sun started to peek through. On the way down, the sky fully opened, offering stunning views that had me snapping photos non-stop, even though I had already taken plenty on the way up.

Cloudy and misty conditions on the way up to Brienz Rothorn Bahn, showcasing unpredictable Interlaken weather.
The journey up to Brienz Rothorn Bahn was met with less-than-ideal conditions, a testament to the ever-changing Interlaken weather.
Clear skies upon arrival at Brienz Rothorn Bahn, highlighting the variable Interlaken weather.
As soon as we arrived at Brienz Rothorn Bahn, the sky opened up, offering a stunning contrast to the earlier Interlaken weather.

Interlaken Weather: How to Prepare for the Unexpected

In the midst of this awe-inspiring scenery, I realized my sunglasses were missing. I momentarily forgot about them, so engrossed was I in the natural beauty around me. When I returned to the cruise and checked the seat where I had sat, my sunglasses were still there! For those looking to stay prepared for the unpredictable Interlaken weather, we recommend using the MeteoSwiss app for accurate forecasts.

Swiss Travel Pass: Your Ticket to Brienz Rothorn and Beyond in Interlaken, Switzerland

Unlock the full potential of your trip to Interlaken, Switzerland with a Swiss Travel Pass. This all-in-one ticket not only gives you a 50% discount on the scenic Brienz Rothorn Bahn but also opens doors to countless other Swiss adventures. For the most up-to-date operating dates, be sure to check the official Brienz Rothorn Bahn office website. Book your Swiss Travel Pass now and elevate your Swiss journey!

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