Diavolezza: Switzerland's Alpine Oasis Unveiled

Venture into the Diavolezza Adventure, where tranquility and thrill blend amidst the breathtaking Swiss Alps. Recognized as a true Swiss Alpine Paradise, Diavolezza is among the legendary Swiss mountains, offering stunning views and a variety of outdoor activities that appeal to both adventurers and those seeking peace in nature’s embrace. This majestic destination is easily accessible through the Bernina Express Experience, positioning it as a must-visit stop in the alpine realm. Serving as the St. Moritz Gateway, Diavolezza welcomes you to explore the enchanting beauty and adventurous spirit hidden within the Swiss Alps.

Skiers gliding on the snow-covered slopes of Diavolezza near the mountain hotel and restaurant, under the soft glow of evening light, showcasing the area's allure as a ski paradise.
Evening descends on Diavolezza, transforming the landscape into a skier's paradise, where the day's final runs are illuminated by the warm ambiance of the nearby alpine retreat.
The Diavolezza landscape under the mystical bluish glow of a full moon during Glüna Plaina, with skiers traversing the luminescent slopes beside the dark silhouette of Piz Palü.
Experience the enchantment of Glüna Plaina at Diavolezza, where full moon nights transform the slopes into a radiant silver world, offering a magical skiing experience under the stars.

Journey to Diavolezza: Bernina Express and Cable Car

The trip to Diavolezza is an integral part of the adventure, with the Bernina Express offering a scenic route through the Swiss Alps, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This journey takes you through the Engadin Valley’s spectacular landscapes, leading to the Diavolezza cable car, which ascends closer to the majestic Piz Bernina.

At the Diavolezza mountain station, a viewing platform presents breathtaking views of the alpine environment, inviting visitors to relax, hike, or engage in more thrilling activities like the via ferrata on Piz Trovat.

For those traveling with a Swiss Travel Pass, remember to reserve your seat on the Bernina Express to ensure a smooth journey to this alpine paradise, where adventure and scenic beauty converge at nearly 3,000 meters above sea level.

The Bernina Express traversing the UNESCO World Heritage route with the Diavolezza cable car in the foreground, against the backdrop of Piz Bernina and the alpine glaciated landscape.
Journey aboard the Bernina Express, where engineering marvels and natural wonders converge, guiding you to the stunning vistas of Diavolezza, nestled in the heart of legendary alpine scenery.
The Diavolezza cable car station against the stunning alpine backdrop, operating every 20 minutes to transport visitors to the heart of the majestic mountain landscape.
Diavolezza welcomes explorers every 20 minutes, offering a gateway to the enchanting heights and panoramic views of the alpine paradise.

St. Moritz: The Glamorous Gateway

Just a stone’s throw from Diavolezza, St. Moritz serves as a glamorous gateway to this alpine paradise. Known for its world-class resorts and pristine lake, St. Moritz offers a blend of luxury and adventure, making it the perfect base for those venturing to Diavolezza’s snowy peaks and lush valleys.

Alpine Wonders Await

The cable car journey from the valley floor to Diavolezza’s viewpoint at 2,973 meters is nothing short of magical. Greeted by the majestic Piz Palü and Piz Bernina, visitors can embark on various excursions, from gentle hikes to exhilarating ski descents, showcasing the best of Swiss mountain excursions.

Alpine Relaxation and Dining at Diavolezza

Diavolezza’s Berghaus Diavolezza offers a sanctuary with Europe’s highest-altitude jacuzzi and cozy accommodations, framed by stunning alpine vistas of Piz Bernina and more. This tranquil spot, complemented by the flight of Alpine choughs, promises ultimate relaxation.

Elevate your experience at Restaurant 3303, Graubünden’s loftiest dining spot, where maize-inspired dishes and ORMA Whisky-infused culinary creations await. To ensure a seamless blend of relaxation, adventure, and alpine gastronomy, advance bookings at Berghaus Diavolezza and Restaurant 3303 are recommended.

A jacuzzi set on the sun terrace of Berghaus Diavolezza, offering serene relaxation at nearly 3,000 meters with panoramic views of Piz Bernina and Piz Palü.
Elevate your relaxation in Diavolezza's mountain jacuzzi, where the warmth of the bubbles contrasts with the cool alpine air, offering unparalleled views of the majestic peaks.
Diverse maize dishes on display at Restaurant 3303, with a backdrop of the Upper Engadin lake plateau and the Bernina mountain range.
Indulge in the culinary creativity of Restaurant 3303, where maize transforms into a gastronomic delight, all savored with breathtaking views of the Engadin lakes and Bernina peaks.

Culinary Delights with a View

Dining at Diavolezza is an experience, with regional dishes served against the backdrop of the Alps. The Bellavista restaurant and Diavolezza Stübli offer a taste of Graubünden and Veltlin, turning each meal into an unforgettable alpine dining experience.

Extending Your Stay

For those wishing to linger longer in this alpine retreat, Berghaus Diavolezza provides comfortable rooms, ensuring guests wake up to breathtaking mountain vistas and the tranquility of high-altitude nature.

Newly renovated 'Classic' double room at Berghaus Diavolezza, featuring stylish decor inspired by the surrounding mountain landscape, complete with en-suite facilities.
Experience timeless elegance in Berghaus Diavolezza's 'Classic' double rooms, where modern comfort meets alpine inspiration, ensuring a restful retreat after a day in the mountains.
Comfortable and simple double and four-person rooms at Berghaus Diavolezza, equipped with single or bunk beds, with shared facilities on the same floor.
Berghaus Diavolezza's double and four-person rooms offer a cozy, straightforward lodging option, perfect for families or couples, ensuring a comfortable stay amidst the alpine serenity.

Integrating Diavolezza into Your Journey

Consider adding Diavolezza to your itinerary through the Alpine Wonders and Lake Como Delights journey. This 10-day tour, accessible with the Swiss Travel Pass, combines the majestic Swiss Alps with the serene beauty of Italy’s Lake Como, with a visit to Diavolezza enhancing the alpine experience.

Diavolezza is more than just a destination; it’s a journey into the heart of the Swiss Alps, offering a blend of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty. From the luxury of St. Moritz to the serene heights of Diavolezza, this destination invites travelers to explore the enchanting hidden gems in Switzerland, making every moment an unforgettable part of their Swiss adventure.

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