Glacier Express Winter Service 2023/2024​

Glacier Express Winter Service 2023/2024

This 2023/2024 winter season unveils an exciting expansion for the Glacier Express. As the snow blankets the Alps, the Glacier Express is set to double the joy and comfort of your journey through this winter paradise.

Step aboard and find yourself amidst a scene from a storybook, traveling from the picturesque Zermatt to the grandeur of St. Moritz. With the launch of our additional train, Glacier Express 920, and its counterpart, Glacier Express 925, your chances to capture the essence of Switzerland’s winter have just doubled.

For detailed journey times and to plan your perfect trip, view the full Glacier Express schedule.

Mark your calendars for this enhanced service: commencing from December 16th to January 7th, and again from February 3rd to May 3rd. This increase in service is our promise to bring the magic of the Swiss Alps to more travelers, allowing you to indulge in a full culinary experience as you traverse between two of Switzerland’s most iconic destinations.

Glacier Express train on the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland departing Zermatt with the iconic Matterhorn mountain in the background.
The Glacier Express embarks on its journey from Zermatt, with the majestic Matterhorn standing tall in the backdrop.
8:50am Glacier Express train at Zermatt HB station, ready for departure.
The Glacier Express, stationed at Zermatt HB at 8:50am, prepares to embark on its scenic journey to St. Moritz, with an expected arrival at 4:37pm.

And the best part? This entire journey is fully covered by the Swiss Travel Pass. Secure your pass today and enjoy unlimited travel on the Glacier Express as well as other premium panoramic trains across the country.

Discover more about our Premium Panoramic trains and how you can elevate your Swiss travel experience to new heights.

Ready to book your winter adventure? Visit our Glacier Express main page for more information and to reserve your seat on this legendary train.

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