Experience the Belle Epoque: Classic Luxurious Train Travel on the GoldenPass Line to Gstaad

In April, during a particularly serene stretch of spring, SwissASAP staff member Pichayanee enjoyed exceptional weather with clear skies and vibrant blooms, setting a perfect scene for a journey on the GoldenPass Belle Epoque. Whether you’re starting your day in Interlaken—as Pichayanee did—or Montreux, Gstaad, Switzerland is your picturesque destination. Known for its blend of luxury, culture, and natural beauty, Gstaad is easily reachable via one of Switzerland’s most scenic trains, offering a travel experience marked by elegance and comfort on the Belle Epoque.

Soft and comfortable fabric seats inside the Belle Epoque train.
Experience the comfort of plush fabric seats aboard the Belle Epoque, designed for luxury and relaxation.
Unobstructed view through a large window on the Belle Epoque train.
Enjoy breathtaking views through the expansive windows of the Belle Epoque, ensuring a perfect scenic journey.

Travel from Interlaken or Montreux

From Interlaken: Depart at 10:30 AM for Zweisimmen, arriving just before noon. A swift connection to the Belle Epoque at 12:02 PM will have you in Gstaad by 12:34 PM. This route, taking a little over two hours, lets you indulge in the breathtaking views that characterize Swiss scenic trains.

From Montreux: Set off at 02:50 PM direct to Gstaad, arriving at 04:23 PM. This shorter journey, lasting about an hour and a half, offers a seamless experience through Switzerland’s enchanting landscapes.

For the most up-to-date schedules and to ensure your travel plans align perfectly, check the timetable on the SBB website or use the SBB mobile app before your trip. This will provide you with real-time updates and any possible changes to train times for the GoldenPass Belle Epoque route.

Experience Onboard the Belle Epoque

Traveling on the Belle Epoque is like stepping back into a time of elegance and grandeur. The train interiors, designed with luxurious comfort in mind, make the journey to Gstaad as pleasing as the destination itself. It’s a perfect opportunity to relax, unwind, and take in the panoramic views that showcase the best of Swiss scenic train routes. The cozy, stylish ambiance makes the Belle Epoque a haven for those seeking a serene travel experience—and yes, it’s incredibly Instagrammable!

Pichayanee smiling, looking out the window of the Belle Epoque train.
Pichayanee revels in the joy of her scenic train journey aboard the Belle Epoque.
Classic and unique exterior design of the Belle Epoque train.
Admire the distinctive and elegant exterior of the Belle Epoque, a classic symbol of Swiss rail travel.

Gstaad: Your Alpine Getaway

Once in Gstaad, explore this exclusive resort town known for its upscale shops, fine dining, and stunning mountain views. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or a peaceful retreat, Gstaad offers something special for every visitor. Make sure to consider a visit to nearby attractions like Glacier 3000 for those craving a touch of adventure with their luxury travel.

Essential Travel Tips

For a hassle-free experience, travel light. If you’re venturing beyond Gstaad or arriving with more baggage, take advantage of Switzerland’s efficient luggage transfer services. This way, you can enjoy your scenic train journey and Gstaad’s charm without the burden of heavy luggage.

Plan Your Swiss Adventure

As you plan your journey on the GoldenPass Belle Epoque to Gstaad, Switzerland, consider extending your exploration beyond this charming destination. A day trip to the majestic Glacier 3000 and the picturesque village of Les Diablerets could be the highlight of your Swiss adventure. These attractions are conveniently located just above Gstaad, making them perfect for a morning excursion before returning to Gstaad for a leisurely afternoon or evening.

Glacier 3000 is a must-visit for its array of year-round activities. Experience the thrill of the Peak Walk by Tissot, the world’s first suspension bridge connecting two mountain peaks, or enjoy the breathtaking views from the Ice Express chairlift. Toboggan runs and skiing opportunities also await those seeking a more exhilarating experience. Plan your visit and find more information on our Glacier 3000 excursion page.

Nearby, Les Diablerets offers a serene escape with its traditional Swiss charm. After your morning adventures, return to Gstaad to unwind and soak in the local culture and hospitality during the late afternoon and evening.

By planning ahead, you can ensure a seamless blend of adventure and relaxation, making the most of your time in this beautiful region of Switzerland.

Bus heading towards Glacier 3000.
Board the bus to Glacier 3000 for a day of adventure and spectacular mountain views.
Les Diablerets village during a sunny, summer-like afternoon.
Les Diablerets basks in the glow of a summer-like afternoon, offering a serene and picturesque escape.

Enhance Your Journey with the Swiss Travel Pass

Make the most of your trip through Switzerland with the Swiss Travel Pass, an essential travel companion for those looking to explore the breadth of Swiss beauty and culture. This all-in-one ticket offers unrestricted travel on the GoldenPass Belle Epoque route, allowing you to enjoy the scenic splendor between Interlaken and Montreux with ease and flexibility. The best part? No mandatory seat reservations are required, so you can plan your trip with more freedom.

Additionally, if your adventures take you to the heights of Glacier 3000, the Swiss Travel Pass provides a substantial benefit—enjoy a 50% discount on mountain excursions. This makes it even more affordable to experience thrilling activities like the Peak Walk by Tissot, and to explore the breathtaking landscapes accessible from the Glacier 3000 area.

Swiss Travel Pass Consecutive e-Ticket with QR Code received after you buy Swiss Travel Pass. ตั๋วเดินทางสำหรับเที่ยวสวิตเซอร์แลนด์ด้วยตัวเอง
A family with adults and children seated comfortably in a GoldenPass Belle Epoque coach, en route to Montreux.

Ready to streamline your Swiss travels and save on spectacular excursions? Get your Swiss Travel Pass now and begin your journey with confidence and convenience. For more details and to purchase your pass, visit our Swiss Travel Pass page.

For more itinerary ideas and to explore other stunning Swiss destinations, visit our itinerary page.

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