Top 10 Swiss Cities to Visit During Christmas in Switzerland 2023

Christmas in Switzerland 2023” is not just a holiday season; it’s a mosaic of vibrant celebrations across the country. From the bustling markets of Basel to the serene snowscapes of St. Gallen, each city offers its own unique flavor of festive cheer. Get ready to explore the top 10 Swiss cities where Christmas isn’t just celebrated; it’s an experience! 

1. Basel: Basel: The Heart of Swiss Christmas

Basel is a Christmas paradise, boasting one of Europe’s most beautiful and lively Christmas markets. Wander through the historic Old Town, where festive stalls brim with artisan crafts and culinary delights. The Christmas Tram, adorned with lights and decorations, offers a charming ride through the city, providing a unique perspective on Basel’s festive streets.

2. Zurich: Zurich: Chic Festivities

Zurich combines elegance with festive fun. Visit the Christkindlimarkt at the main train station, home to a giant Christmas tree sparkling with Swarovski crystals. Stroll along Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich’s main downtown street, illuminated by thousands of lights. For a scenic journey, take the Zurich Christmas Express, a panoramic train offering stunning views of the snow-covered city.

Vibrant Basel Christmas market bustling with festive lights and holiday shoppers.
Experience the festive spirit at the Basel Christmas Market, a hub of holiday cheer and colorful lights.
The Fondue Tram traveling through Zurich's streets, adorned with festive decorations.
ndulge in a unique culinary experience aboard Zurich's Fondue Tram, a delightful blend of tradition and taste.

3. Geneva: Lakeside Christmas Elegance

Geneva’s Christmas is set against the stunning backdrop of Lake Geneva. The city’s markets are filled with artisan crafts and international cuisines. Don’t miss the iconic Treetop Walk at the Jardin Anglais, offering breathtaking views of the city’s festive lights.

4. Lucerne: A Fairytale Christmas in Switzerland

Lucerne’s Christmas is a blend of tradition and romance. The Chapel Bridge and Water Tower, lit up with festive lights, create a storybook atmosphere. Enjoy the Lucerne Christmas Market at Franziskanerplatz, and don’t forget to try the delicious Swiss raclette.

5. Bern: Medieval Christmas Magic

Bern’s UNESCO-listed Old Town turns into a winter wonderland. The Bern Christmas markets, especially the one in front of the Federal Palace, offer a delightful array of Swiss handicrafts and mulled wine. The Zytglogge, an ancient clock tower, is a must-visit for its hourly show.

6. St. Gallen: Starlit Celebrations

St. Gallen’s Abbey District, illuminated by a canopy of stars, is enchanting. The St. Gallen Christmas Market, set against the backdrop of the baroque cathedral, offers a serene and festive atmosphere. The Textile Museum hosts special Christmas exhibitions, showcasing the city’s rich textile history.

7. Thun: Lakeside Yuletide Joy

Thun is a picturesque town where Christmas is celebrated with a cozy charm. The Christmas market in the Old Town is perfect for finding unique gifts. Take a cruise on the Christmas Boat on Lake Thun for a special festive experience.

8. Chur: Alpine Christmas Adventure

Chur’s historic charm is amplified during Christmas. The Christmas market in the Old Town is a hub of festive activities. For adventure seekers, the nearby Rhine Gorge offers winter hiking and stunning views of the ‘Swiss Grand Canyon.’

A tram glides through a snow-lined street in Bern, adorned with Christmas lights.
Explore the charming winter streets of Bern, where trams and festive decorations create a picturesque scene.
Lausanne's lively Christmas atmosphere, with streets illuminated by festive lights and decorations.
Lausanne comes alive with Christmas magic, featuring streets aglow with enchanting lights and holiday spirit.

9. Neuchâtel: A Blend of Cultures at Christmas in Switzerland

Neuchâtel offers a unique blend of French and Swiss Christmas traditions. The lakeside Christmas market is a culinary delight, offering regional specialties. The Castle of Neuchâtel, lit up for the season, provides a majestic backdrop.

10. Lausanne: Vibrant Christmas Celebrations in 2023

Lausanne’s Festival Lausanne Lumières transforms the city into an open-air gallery of light art. The Bô Noël Christmas market, spread across several city squares, is a lively place for shopping and entertainment.

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